Intraday Volume Profile


Shows the delta of volume on lower timeframes to spot trapped shorts and longs



Spot big buying and selling activity represented as big orders for a possible bottom or top

Volume Footprint Voids


Intraday Volume Profile displaying varying levels of bullish or bearish volume with a single candle

Price Action Volumetric Order Blocks

Market Structure

Volumetric Order Blocks help spot reversal zones and predict direction of bounces

Price Action Concepts

Market Structure

Automated price action analysis. Displays changes in trend based purely on market structure.

Liquidity Concepts


Represent the liquidity on the chart using pivot points as potential stop-losses / liquidity grabs

Liquidity Heatmap


Designed to spot possible resting liquidity or potential stop loss using Volume or Open interest

MTF Fair Value Gap

Market Structure

Provides multi-timeframe options to observe lower or higher gaps in different timeframes within your

Psychological Support/Resistance

Market Structure

Provide the user with hypothetical support and resistance zones that are likely to react with price

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