Proven Strategies Proven Results

Say goodbye to ambiguous indicators and vague signals

Spot Liquidity Sweeps

Advanced liquidity algorithm aids in spotting hunted stop losses and liquidation zones that show where price had a strong reaction

Highlights high-impact liquidations
Predict market shifts & strong price reactions
Spot hunted stop losses & liquidity zones

Advanced Market Structure

Simplifies trend, breakout, and reversal detection. Time precise entries and exits with real-time market structure analysis

Snipe entries with SFP Detection
Simplifies complex trends
Identifies Support / Resistance + Breakers

Volume Order Blocks

Our advanced order block analysis pinpoints high-demand zones with detailed volume data, revealing potential inflection points in the market

Pinpoint high-demand zones analysis
Reveal internal bullish & bearish activity
Predict reactions & reversals by calculating bid/ask zones

Full Backtesting Suite

We created a fully integrated back-tester that allows traders to build custom strategies that fits their personal trading style

Full customization to fit your style and goals
See real results in TradingView Strategy Window
Unlimited combinations and potential


All pricing plans come with the same great benefits listed below


67.99 USD
Full Price
  • Smart Money Concepts Exclusive Indicator
  • Premium Backtester Suite
  • Exclusive Discord Community
  • Active Indicator Updates
  • 24/7 Support
No Refund


47.99 USD
143.97 USD Paid Quarterly
  • Smart Money Concepts Exclusive Indicator
  • Premium Backtester Suite
  • Exclusive Discord Community
  • Active Indicator Updates
  • 24/7 Support
No Refund


999.99 USD
One Time Payment
No Refund
  • Access to every premium indicator we will ever release
  • Beta test and preview premium indicators before they launch
  • Everything else included in the packages listed above


Do we offer a free-trial?

We currently offer a 7 day money back guarantee.

Am I guaranteed to profit?

There is no system, strategy, or algorithm that 100% guarantees profit. This is a tool that uses deep learning algorithms that generate optimal entry and exit points but it is not 100% accurate. Our system is designed so that even if you take multiple losses in a row, if you keep trading you will eventually have wins that are larger than your losses.

What is the typical win rate?

Stratify provides strategies across all assets and timeframes supported by Due to being a strategy provider; we are able to give proven testable data on win rates whereas indicators are not able to do so. A win rate does not necessarily reflect profits and can be higher or slightly lower than the average.

Does it automatically buy and sell for me?

You can set up alerts for buy and sell signals through Tradingview, but the strategy does not buy and sell for you. You must have at least one exchange or crypto wallet to trade from in order to use this strategy.

What timeframes does it work on?

Stratify Backtester works across all assets and timeframes. In general however, we suggest using this on timeframes over the 5m to avoid frictional costs and overtrading. It does work below however if you are newer to trading these are best to avoid.

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